Why New Age Computers?


The staff at New Age Computers never forgets how vulnerable we all feel in this world of technology. They always treat their customers with respect, looking out for customers best interests, and wallets! No matter how simple or complex your computer troubles are, they would love the opportunity to help.

New Age Computers has formed an unbeatable team for your IT needs. They have a strong sense of ethics, and an intrinsic desire for client satisfaction. They will go the extra mile to make sure your IT needs are met perfectly every time.

Ashley started New Age Computers in July of 1998. He has a true passion for helping people. He specializes in saving clients hard-earned money on their IT expenses without ever compromising quality. Ashley can help you figure out your more complicated computer issues and help you decide what type of system would be best for your home or business. He is willing to help you through any problems you might have and ensure that you understand the issue and what needs to happen without confusing you with too much tech jargon.

Weston is one of the most highly skilled, and reliable technicians in the business. He has well over a decade of experience as well as a think outside the box mentality. He has quickly and effectively solved some of the most advanced computer issues that can be experienced. Weston assists walk-in clients, as well as returning clients to fix problems such as a computer that functions too slowly, virus issues, hardware issues, backup needs, getting replacement parts and any other issues that a user could need help with.

New Age Computers has been in business Since July of 1998.

We can be on location in a timely manner in times of crisis